Elements for an M&E framework for climate change adaptation projects

This paper from the Global Environment Facility Evaluation Office (GEF) outlines the monitoring and evaluation systems used by GEF in climate adaptation projects and the possible problems that may be encountered when developing an M & E framework for these projects.

The document presents the review of M&E systems of seventeen GEF projects. With those inputs as the basis of analysis, plus the principles outlined by the GEF Monitoring & Evaluation Policy; a series of recommendations are given for the development of a GEF M&E Framework for Adaptation. These recommendations are given to the GEF Task Force as an input to their on-going discussion on M&E.Contents


  • The GEF and Adaptation to Climate Change
  • Monitoring and Evaluation within the Adaptation Process
  • Evaluation of Achievements of GEF Interventions for Adaptation
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Indicators in GEF Adaptation Projects: State of the Art
  • Suggestions for an M&E Framework for GEF Adaptation Projects


Global Environment Facility (GEF) Evaluation Office (2008). Elements for an M&E Framework for Climate Change Adaptation Projects Lessons from GEF Climate Change Adaptation projects. Global Environment Office.