The EvaluateIT resource kit

This online resource kit simplifies the task of evaluating community-based information technology (IT) projects such as community websites, online interest groups, and internet training programs. It helps to make them more successful and sustainable.

It does this by leading you through four steps that help you decide how to begin, how to involve other people, how to do the evaluation, and how to make the changes that will improve your IT project. It can be used for a simple review, or for a more in-depth evaluation. The kit contains links to many additional resources, including more help with each step. 

EvaluateIT can be used by any group who wants to work together to evaluate or review their own community IT projects. It encourages involvement in the review by all groups in a community that could benefit from the project. It could also be used to assist in the evaluation of other community-based projects.

This resource kit was designed in 2004 as part of a research project conducted by a team from Queensland University of Technology and various project partners.  Positive feedback on the kit was provided by groups in a range of rural and regional communities in Queensland. It aims to be useful to community groups who want to work together in an ongoing way, using action learning, action research and participatory evaluation, to make changes to improve their IT projects and initiatives, and to make better use of local skills, knowledge and resources.


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