Evaluating Human Capital Projects

Evaluating Human Capital Projects is a practical guide to planning, evaluating and improving all types of human capital projects.  Its central theme is that organisations do not always value 'softer' investment in people as highly as other types of investment.  This is reflected in planning and evaluation practices, which are rarely planned with clarity or assessed rigorously for impact.  The authors provide a step-by-step guide to applying Jack Phillip's Return on Investment in modern business contexts.


  1. Introduction: Why and what do we Need to Improve?
  2. Planning the Investment for Impact Outcomes
  3. Who Needs to do what/to what Standard?
  4. Know what, know how, Confidence
  5. Engagement: Do they get it?
  6. Full Cost: Let’s Account for it!
  7. Tracking: How to Leverage Data to Improve the Results
  8. Measuring the Results: When to go all the Way?
  9. So how do you know it was Anything to do with you?
  10. Monetising: Proxies are out: Take a Reality Check
  11. Proof: It’s your Credibility we’re Talking about Here
  12. Everyone Subject to the same Rules
  13. Aggregate, Compare and Contrast
  14. Pulling Multiple Strands Together: Groups of Stakeholders, Several Sub-Projects
  15. From Proof to Predict
  16. A Final Word: Just Do


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