Evaluation for equitable development results

This document comprises a range of Evaluation Working Papers (EWP) focused on evaluation for equitable development.

Put together by evaluation specialists, they present strategic evaluation findings, lessons learned and innovative approaches and methodologies. 


  • Part 1:Evaluation and equity
    • Evaluation to accelerate progress towards equity, social justice and human rights 2
    • Human rights and gender equality in evaluation 13
    • When human rights is the starting point for evaluation 25
    • Strengthening Equity- focused evaluations through insights from feminist theory and approaches 39
    • Decolonizing evaluation in a developing world. Implications and cautions for Equity-focused evaluations 59
  • Part 2: Methodological implications for Equity-focused evaluations
    • Methodological issues to design and implement equity-focused evaluations 86
    • Developmental evaluation for Equity-focused evaluations 102
    • Systems thinking and Equity-focused evaluations 115
    • Methodological challenges in using programme theory to evaluate pro-poor and equity-focused programmes by Patricia Rogers, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University and Richard Hummelbrunner, Independent consultant 142
    • Case Study and equity in Evaluation by Saville Kushner, the University of the West of England 172
    • Values-Engaged Evaluation sby Jennifer Greene, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 192
  • Part 3: Examples of Equity-focused evaluations
    • Evaluating the contribution of UNDP to equity-focused public policies in Brazil and China 210
    • Using a human rights approach to evaluate ILO’s discrimination strategy 222
    • CONEVAL experience in evaluating interventions for Indigenous populations in Mexico 244
    • UNICEF supported evaluations with elements of equity-focused evaluations 258


Segone, M. (ed) (2011). Evaluation for equitable development results. New York, UN, UNICEF Retrieved from http://www.clear-la.cide.edu/sites/default/files/Evaluation_for_equitable%20results_web.pdf

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