Evaluation questions

This site provides a step-by-step guide on how to identify appropriate questions for an evaluation.


"Evaluation questions focus the evaluation work on a limited number of key points, thus allowing better reflection on judgement criteria (also called reasoned assessment), more targeted data collection, more in-depth analysis and a more useful report.

Focusing an evaluation on several key points is particularly useful when the evaluated intervention is multidimensional. In that case, if one wished to study all the dimensions of aid through all evaluation criteria, the work would be extremely costly or else very superficial. Thus, choices have to be made." (EUROPA 2006)


  • What is their purpose?
    • To focus the evaluation work
    • To master the choices
    • To favour take-up
  • Where are they from?
    • Questions inferred directly from the logic
    • Other questions inferred from the intervention logic (indirectly)
    • Other questions
    • Examples
  • Select key questions
  • Drafting a question
  • Who chooses the questions?


EUROPA, 2006. Evaluation questions, in Methodological basesEvaluation process (How?). Retrieved from https://capacity4dev.europa.eu/groups/evaluation_guidelines/info/evaluation-questions_en

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