Evaluation strategies for communicating and reporting: guide

This book from Torres, Preskill and Piontek has been designed to support evaluators to incorporate creative techniques in the design, conduct, communication and reporting of evaluation findings.

"This comprehensive book is designed to help evaluators facilitate understanding, learning, and evaluation use among individuals, groups, and organizations by communicating and reporting more effectively. It guides the reader through the phases of an evaluation, from early planning stages through the final reporting and follow-up. 

The Second Edition provides worksheets and instructions for creating a detailed communicating and reporting plan based on audience needs and characteristics. Authors Rosalie T. Torres, Hallie Preskill, and Mary E. Piontek cover advances in technology including Web site communications, Web and videoconferencing, and Internet chat rooms. Also mentioned are several additional topics for consideration, including communicating and reporting for diverse audiences and for multi-site evaluations." (Torres, Preskill & Piontek, 2005)

The following sample chapters can be viewed online via Sage Publishing

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 3. Communicating and Reporting Strategies to Facilitate Learning
Chapter 5. Creative Forms of Communicating and Reporting


  • Introduction
  • Understanding and planning for effective communicating and reporting
  • Communicating and reporting strategies to facilitate learning
  • Communicating and reporting strategies to maximize learning
  • Creative forms of communicating and reporting
  • Additional considerations for communicating and reporting
  • Issues and opportunities for evaluation practice


Torres, R., Preskill, H., & Piontek, M. E. (2005).Evaluation strategies for communicating and reporting, enhancing learning in organizations. (Second ed.). Sage. Retrieved from http://www.sagepub.com/books/Book225545

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