Gender focused sector analysis workshop

This report was written on a gender focused sector analysis workshop given for DACAAR teams in Afghanistan.

The purpose of the workshop was provide team members with tools on how to identify and implement gender issues and concerns at various stages of the project cycle and to reach a common understanding of the principles, definitions and tools for gender analysis to strengthen DACAAR's Gender Mainstreaming Strategy and assist in the implementation of Gender Policy commitments.


  • 1. Background p.3
  • 2 . Methodology p. 5
  • 3. Preparation for the workshop  p.10
  • Section A: Review the past work on gender issues  p.13
  • Section B: Gender Analysis and Gender Mainstreaming  p.16
  • Section C: Decode how to mainstream gender p.20
  • 5. Recommendations p.25
  • Training design manual p.27
  • Day 1: p.30
  • Day 2: p.34
  • Day 3: p.39
  • Handouts p.42
  • 5. Sector Wise Gender Analysis Evaluation Form  p.62


DACAAR (2011) Report and Training Manual On Gender Focused Sector Analysis Workshop, Kabul Afghanistan.