Geospatial, location and big data: Where have we been and where can we go? – Summary of the webinar

This blog describes the first European Evaluation Society webinar in the series Emerging Data Landscapes in M&E, on Geospatial, location and big data: Where have we been and where can we go? was held on 28 July. 

This resource and the following information was contributed by Kaye Stevens.

Authors and their affiliation

Lauren Weiss 

Key features

Webinar presenters were:

Estelle Raimondo, Senior Evaluation Officer at the World Bank Independent Evaluation Group, framed the discussion with her introduction on Evaluation and emerging data:

Anupam Anand, Evaluation Officer at the Global Environmental Facility, Independent Evaluation Office, and Hur Hassnain, Senior Evaluation Advisor, European Commission DEVCO/ESS presented the Case Study: Integrating geospatial methods into evaluations: opportunities and lessons.

Joachim Vandercasteelen, Young Professional at World Bank Independent Evaluation Group presented the Case Study: Observing from space when you cannot observe from the field.

Alexandra Robinson, Co-Author of Big Data to Data Science: Moving from What to How in the MERL Tech Space, and Market Strategy and Data Ethics Lead at Threshold. World, discussed the organizational barriers to adopting new data types for M&E.

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This is a useful webinar for learning more about the opportunities presented by the use of geospatial, locational and big data.

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To learn how to better use geospatial, locational and big data.