Global reporting initiative (GRI) website

The GRI standards are global standards for sustainability reporting on a range of economic, environmental and social impacts.

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Authors and their affiliation

 GRI is an independent international organization, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The GRI standards have been developed over 20 years and the work is ongoing.  

Key features

GRI develops and supports the use of standards for sustainability reporting. The website provides free access to modular sets of standards. The standards include three universal standards (Foundation, General Disclosures and Management approach) as well as sets of topic specific standards. At September 2020 there were seven economic topic standards, eight environmental topic standards and 19 social topic standards available on the site. Organisations can use all or part of the sets of topic standards. The website provides a resource library, information about the benefits and growth of sustainability reporting, access to support services and tools and training in sustainability reporting.

How have you used or intend on using this resource?

The standards can be used to prepare an overall organisational sustainability report or to report on a specific topic of interest to stakeholders.

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GRI standards are based on international human rights, environmental and labour treaties and are widely used for sustainability reporting. Guidance is available on the site for mapping the Sustainable Development Goals against GRI standards.

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