Haiku Deck - Presentation Making Software

A free and easy to use platform available online and as an iPad app for quickly making simple, well laid-out presentations.

The main advantage of this platform is its simplicity. For those who are in a rush and don't have time to wade through the various options in Power Point or the like, Haiku Deck's limited amount of options will appeal. Text is limited, which allows for a focus on images. There is well thought out integration with Flickr which allows the easy, in-app search of Creative Commons images which can then be added to slides. The two main slide types are illustrated below:

Graph slide (taken from 10 tips to transform your presentations, Haiku Deck)

Image slide (taken from 10 tips to transform your presentations, Haiku Deck)


Giant Thinkwell, Inc. (2014) Haiku Deck, retrieved from https://www.haikudeck.com/