Indigenous evaluation toolkit: An actionable guide for organisations serving American Indian / Alaska Native communities through opioid prevention programming

This Indigenous evaluation toolkit aims to improve health and wellness by encouraging Indigenous communities to tell their stories and reclaim Indigenous ways-of-knowing.

This toolkit explains that Indigenous evaluation approaches take a more holistic view than many Western approaches, incorporating deep community involvement. Care is taken to highlight the importance of language and definitions, to demystify technical language and to address issues of data sovereignty.

The resource focuses on addressing the opioid overdose crisis and substance abuse in North America but is broadly applicable to many healthcare settings.

The toolkit is divided into four parts:

  • Part 1: Introduction to Indigenous evaluation approaches
  • Part 2: Preparing to use Indigenous evaluation approaches
  • Part 3: Implementing Indigenous evaluation methods: A step-by-step process
  • Part 4: Summary & future directions


Eakins, D., Gaffney, A., Marum, C., Wangmo, T., Parker, M. & Magarati, M. (2023). Indigenous Evaluation Toolkit for Tribal Public Health Programs: An Actionable Guide for Organizations Serving American Indian/Alaska Native Communities through Opioid Prevention Programming. Seven Directions.