Landscape analysis equity centered evaluation

This Southern-led research was facilitated by six Global South organizations from Latin America, Asia and Africa who joined forces to transform inequitable practices mainstreamed in the evaluation of international cooperation initiatives worldwide.

We interviewed more than 100 key stakeholders positioned in diverse points of the evaluation ecosystem. We co-facilitated South-South and South-North joint analysis sessions, connecting global actors usually disconnected, but strongly united by the suffering caused by evaluation practices that disempower organizations, disrespect communities and neglect innovation and indigenous narratives and knowledge.

In this report you will find evidence on:

  • The inequitable global context in which the discriminatory and racist evaluation industry is flourishing
  • Who are those systematically excluded
  • What are the barriers to achieve equity
  • How organizations understand equity in evaluation
  • Existing journeys of change towards equity
  • Emerging recommendations for transformational equity in evaluation