Managing the Evaluation Process

This guide is Part IV of Tool Number 5 of the United Nations Population Fund's (UNFPA) Programme Manager’s Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Toolkit. Guidance is provided on many aspects of managing an evaluation and is aimed at program managers and UNFPA country staff.  


"This part IV of Tool number 5 discusses various aspects of managing the evaluation process: “who” does “what”; steps in the development of a terms of reference and in the selection of an evaluator/evaluation team; and pointers on managing and supervising the conduct of an evaluation. The tool provides overall guidance for a traditional approach to evaluation with limited stakeholder participation. However, the principles and management responsibilities mentioned in the tool should, with some adaptation, be applied to all types of evaluations. For further details on participatory monitoring and evaluation approaches, consult Tool Number 4: Stakeholder Participation in Monitoring and Evaluation." (UNFPA 2004)


  • Defining the evaluation questions 1
  • Who does what: delineation of roles and responsibilities 2
  • Developing Terms of Reference for the evaluation 4
  • Selecting appropriate evaluator(s) 6
  • Managing and supervising the evaluation 8
  • Annex 1. Evaluation Report: Suggested Outline 10


United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), (2004). Part IV: Managing the evaluation process. Retrieved from website: