Methods for estimating the costs of family planning

This report summarises an expert meeting discussing issues related to methods of estimating family planning program costs. 


  • Background
  • Key Issues
  • Mapping Potential Uses and Cost Elements
  • Uses of Cost Data
  • Cost Elements
  • Recommended Cost Elements According to Intended Use
  • Key Unit Costing Issues and Recommendations
  • Key Issues and Recommendations on Projecting Family Planning Program Costs
  • Exchange Rates, Inflation, and Discounting
  • Time Period and Dynamic vs Static Estimation
  • Goal Setting and Dynamic Trajectories to Achieve the Goals
  • Service Delivery Modalities
  • Recommendations for Going Forward
  • Appendix A: Meeting Agenda, List of participants, and breakout session guidelines
  • Expert Group Meeting Agenda
  • List of Participants at Expert Group Meeting
  • Breakout Session Guidelines at Expert Group Meeting
  • Appendix B: Estimating Unit Costs of Family Planning: Methodology Review
  • Appendix C: Projecting the Costs of Family Planning Programs: Methodology Review


Moreland, S. (2011). Methods for Estimating the Costs of Family Planning. Report of the Expert Group Meeting on Family Planning Costing. Measure Evaluation PRH. Retrieved from: