MetricWire is a platform for mobile data collection. It allows researchers to design complex studies online and provides participants with the option of responding using their smartphones and other electronic devices.

MetricWire gives researcher access to online tools that let them customize their study and leverage the onboard devices of the smartphone without having any programming experience.


  • Intuitive UI For Researchers Study builder interface allows for complex creation without knowing how to code
  • Native App - Data is saved offline on the smartphone and synced when a network is re-established
  • Time and GPS Stamps - Submitted responses have their date, time and GPS coordinates saved
  • Multiple Question Types - Multiple choice, single answer, text response, sliding scale, etc
  • Logic Assessment - Supports piping, skip, and branch logic
  • Geo-fencing and location targeting Set up hotspots to prompt participants when they enter specific areas (accurate to 2m)


User interface

Mobile user interface

Smart phone displaying metricwire app



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