Mobile-based technology for monitoring and evaluation

This knowledge product is a reference guide for using mobile-based technology, and its associated benefits of real-time data sharing and data analysis; thereby enabling organizations, donors and citizens to use Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) data for better implementation and delivery of projects.


  • Mobile Technology: Options and opportunities
  • Paper or mobile?
  • Technology options
  • Case 1: Multiple mobile options
  • New data types
  • Geographical data
  • Case 2: GIS Data as Project Intervention
  • Multimedia data
  • Case 3: Multimedia Data for Verification
  • Electronic Sensors
  • Beyond Data Collection: Management and outreach
  • Selecting the right technology
  • Implementing mobile technology in Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Selecting the right technology service provider
  • Estimating costs
  • Planning timelines
  • Ongoing Activities: Monitoring of Projects
  • One-time Activity: Surveys and Research Studies
  • Training and piloting tips
  • Ensuring data quality
  • Ensuring data security
  • An in-depth case study
  • Common implementation challenges (hardware, device, software, logistics, data issues)
  • Hardware and Devices Issues
  • Software Issues
  • Logistics Issues
  • Data Related Issues
  • Tips and Best Practices
  • Reference: Software and Service Providers


Latif Jameel A, 2013 Mobile-Based Technology for Monitoring and Evaluation. Poverty Action Lab, Institute for Financial Management and Research, Regional Centers for Learning on Evaluation and Results, Fieldata, Innovations for Poverty Action. Retrieved from website

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