National evaluation policy in Malaysia

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This case study, prepared by Katerina Stolyarenko for the Parliamentary Forum for Development Evaluation outlines the process used to develop and implement a government-wide monitoring and evaluation system in Malaysia.


"In 2009, the government adopted the Integrated Results Based Management (IRBM) system commencing with the 10th Malaysia Plan 2011-2015. In 2011, the government decided to replace MBS with Outcome Based Budgeting (OBB). Evaluation was integrated as a key factor into the performance planning for the public sector."


  • Country Context  4
    • Political, Economic and Development Context  4
    • M&E Context  5
  • Institutional setting of NEP in the country  6
    • NEP’s Focus and Purposes  6
    • Legal and Policy Framework  6
    • Institutional Arrangements  7
    • M&E Tools, Components, Evaluation Methodologies and Quality of Data  8
    • Professional Capacity for M&E  9
    • Utilization of M&E   10
  • Achievements and Challenges   11
  • Good Practice(s)   12
  • Documents consulted   15
  • Interviews held   15


Stolyarenko, K., (2014). National evaluation policy in Malaysia, Parliamentary Forum for Development Evaluation (archived link)

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