Participatory tools and techniques for assessing climate change impacts and exploring adaptation options

This tool kit from the Livelihoods and Forestry Programme (LFP) aims to help communities and planners understand the hazards and risks of climate change, allowing them to assess the vulnerability of their livelihoods.

"The kit consists of a range of tools that can be used in various situations. District or VDC (Village Development Committee) level planning teams can use them to make assessments and gain an overview. Community based organisations (such as forest user groups, water management groups or soil conservation groups) can use them to prepare themselves and develop community level adaptation plans.

If local communities have systematically assessed their situation and know clearly what they need to best adapt to climate change impact, they can then effectively contribute to district level plans. These in turn can inform regional and national adaptation plans and programmes. The tools can be used in various combinations to suit the context. They can be developed and modified by facilitators as appropriate to the local situation. The main concern is to ensure participation is inclusive, that experience is widely shared and that control of the process is in the hands of the participants." (Regmi, Morcrette, Paudyal, Bastakoti & Pradhan, 2010)


  • Introduction
  • Climate Change Adaptation Terminology
  • Tool 1: Climatic Hazard Mapping
  • Tool 2: Climatic Hazard Trend Analysis
  • Tool 3: Climatic Hazard Ranking
  • Tool 4: Climatic Hazard Impact Assessment
  • Tool 5: Livelihood Resources Assessment
  • Tool 6: Livelihood Resource Vulnerability Assessment
  • Tool 7: Assessing Climatic Hazard Impacts on Livelihoods
  • Tool 8: Vulnerability Assessment
  • Tool 9: Vulnerability Matrix
  • Tool 10: Coping and Adaptation Strategies Assessment
  • Tool 11: Assessing the Effectiveness of Coping and Adaptation Strategies
  • Tool 12: Mapping Adaptation Partnerships
  • Tool 13: Community Based Adaptation Planning 


Regmi, B. R., Morcrette, A., Paudyal, A., Bastakoti, R., & Pradhan, S. UKaid, Livelihoods and Forestry Programme (LFP). (2010). Participatory tools and techniques for assessing climate change impacts and exploring adaptation options a community based tool kit for practitioners. Retrieved from website: