PMP evaluation plan guidance and templates

This guidance document and template outline the information to be included in a USAID Evaluation Plan as part of a Performance Management Plan (PMP).

The evaluation plan, a component of the PMP, is used to identify, summarise and track evaluations and must include the following:

  • The strategy, project, or activity to be evaluated;
  • Evaluation purpose and expected use;
  • Evaluation type (performance or impact);
  • Possible evaluation questions;
  • Whether it is external or internal;
  • Whether it fulfils an evaluation requirement or is a non-required evaluation;
  • Estimated budget;
  • Planned start date; and
  • Estimated completion date.

The resource provides templates for creating basic evaluation plan summary tables and a schedule table of multiple evaluations.


Bureau for Policy, Planning and Learning. (2017). PMP evaluation plan guidance and templates. USAID. Retrieved from: