Poimapper mobile data collection solution is designed for monitoring the status and progress of field work in any specific area. For example market research or inspection work benefit's from collecting data with mobile application and sharing data in real time, no more carrying paper forms back to the office. With the help of Poimapper cloud portal you can then visualise the data on a map, tables or create reports like pie charts from the collected field data.

Poimapper is optimized for international development program monitoring requirements, taking into account various rough field conditions. It is a great tool for flexible patient monitoring in field situations. Data can be easily transferred to central health records. The ability of mobile health workers, in particular in rural areas, to have full access to existing patient data on and off-line, and to send and receive updates directly from the field is critical for successful treatment.

Poimapper is free for personal use. Corporate accounts have a free trial period with support services.


  • Import your existing data to Poimapper.
  • Form builder where you can create unique forms without any coding. Include complex skip logic, conditional questions and calculated values.
  • Easy to use mobile applications for iOS, Android and Java devices.
  • Collect location, route, area data, image, audio and video combined with form-based data.
  • Works in offline and online situations.
  • Create new users and user groups with admin tool.
  • Organize data with hierarchies according to you own filtering preferences.
  • Analyze data on a map or table view.
  • Create reports and easily transfer data to Excel, Word, SPSS or csv and kml formats.

Use cases

View information (.docx 300KB) on three use cases for Poimapper:

  • Plan International used Poimapper for monitoring and evaluation of their development programs across the globe.
  • KIMS Hospital & Research Centre (Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences) have been using Poimapper in a major Pneumonia research project. 
  • Infosys chose Poimapper to amplify the outcomes and manage development projects.



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