Point K Learning Center

The Point K Learning Center's website of free tools and resources help nonprofits and funders look inward, so they can achieve a greater outward impact. The website encourages users in learning, collaborating and doing more do more by offering examples and tools for more effective and successful evaluation. 


  • "Learn. Looking to boost your skills and knowledge? Point K helps organizations develop knowledge: knowledge about evaluation, and knowledge about the results of their own programs. Resources cover advocacy evaluation, capacity building, and general program evaluation.
  • Collaborate. Connect with your peers. Work together with colleagues. Report evaluation findings to stakeholders. Point K makes it easy for you to share your success.
  • Do more. Point K provides custom tools to help you plan and evaluate your efforts, learn what works, improve your effectiveness, and better serve your communities. Tools include: Organizational Assessment Tool, Logic Model Builder, Evaluation Plan Builder."

Source: Innovation Network, Point K: Practical Tools for Planning, Evaluation, and Action, 


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