From policies to results: Developing capacities for country monitoring and evaluation systems

This book from UNICEF provides a range of articles that demonstrate building capacity and best practices in the development of country-led monitoring and evaluation systems.


Part 1: From policies to results through country-led monitoring and evaluation systems

  • Moving from policies to results by developing national capacities for country-led monitoring and evaluation systems. 
  • Future trends in evaluation. 
  • Measuring the progress of societies. 
  • Avoiding failure in public programmes. 
  • Evaluating policy. A perspective from multilateral experience. 
  • The role of policy analysis in over-coming the implementation challenge.

Part 2: Developing country monitoring and evaluation capacities Strengthening institutional capacities and an enabling environment for country-led monitoring and evaluation systems

  • A perspective from the United Nations on national ownership and capacity in evaluation. 
  • Gender equality and human rights responsive evaluations: Rethinking approaches. 
  • DevInfo and Web 2.0. Strengthening duty bearers demand for high quality data. 
  • The professionalization of evaluation. 
  • Professionalizing development evaluators. Travelling the road to results. 
  • Institutionalizing impact evaluation. A key element in strengthening country-led monitoring and evaluation systems. 
  • Evaluation and development. The partnership dimension. 
  • Exploring effective strategies for facilitating evaluation capacity development. 
  • Use of evaluation training in evaluation capacity building. 
  • Utilization-focused evaluations. 
  • Empowerment evaluation. 
  • Collaborative evaluation. Creating environments to engage stakeholders in evaluation.

Part 3: Good practices and lessons learned from country-led monitoring and evaluation systems

  • Monitoring and evaluation in South Africa. Many purposes, multiple systems.
  • Colombia’s national monitoring and evaluation system, sinergia. 
  • The national monitoring and evaluation system in Sri Lanka. Experiences, good practices, challenges and the way forward. 
  • The country-led system to monitor and evaluate public policies in Mali. Good practices and lessons learned. 
  • Policies, institutions and personalities. Lessons from Uganda’s experience in monitoring and evaluation. 
  • Joint evaluation of the role and contribution of the UN system in South Africa: Lessons learned. 
  • The role of Statistical Offices in monitoring and evaluation systems. The Ethiopian Perspective. 
  • Building capacity in DevInfo in the CARICOM region. 


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