Project evaluation guide for nonprofit organizations

Page 17 of this guide from Imagine Canada provides an example of an evaluation budget for a one-year project evaluation.

This budget is organized according to evaluation activity.  The assigned staff, number of days, and cost per day is specified for each activity. This cost-per-activity format integrates budgeting with staffing and scheduling. Another benefit to the costs-per-activity format is the ease in adjusting the budget in tandem with changes in the evaluation design.  Such adjustments are often necessary as evaluators and planners work to optimize the design to suit the available funds.

Travel, meetings, and operating expenses are listed as separate line items. While illustrative staff and number of days are included, the example does not include costs. A minor drawback: The format does not make clear if the cost per day refers to the cost of personnel only, or includes other costs associated with the activity.


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