Project manager's guide to managing impact and process evaluation studies

This guide from the US Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) provides detailed guidance on selecting and managing evaluation by using a step-by-step process from the planning stage right through to disseminating and applying results.


"The purpose of this guide is to help managers of EERE evaluation projects create and manage objective, high quality, independent, and useful impact and process evaluations. The step-by-step approach described in this guide is targeted primarily towards program staff with responsibility for planning and managing evaluation projects for their office, but who may not have prior training or experience in program evaluation. The objective is to facilitate the planning, management, and use of evaluations..." (EERE 2015)


  • Introduction 1
  • Step 1. Prepare for the evaluation 8
  • Step 2. Hire an independent outside evaluator 18
  • Step 3. Develop an evaluation plan 25 
  • Step 4. Conduct the evaluation 42
  • Step 5. Manage the implenentation of evaluation project 44
  • Step 6. Report the evaluation results 47
  • Step 7. Use the evaluation findings 48


Agyeman, Y. and Barnes, H. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), (2015). Project Manager's Guide to Managing Impact and Process Evaluation Studies. Retrieved from website: