Rethinking monitoring for collective learning in rural resource management

Drawing on the author's experience in rural resource management in Brazil this paper discusses the common misconceptions, potential and processes involved in Participatory Monitory and Evaluation (PM&E) 


"Commonsense says that monitoring systems should be able to provide feedback that can help correct ineffective actions. But practice shows that when dealing with complex rural development issues that involve collaborative action by a changing configuration of stakeholders, monitoring practice often falls short of its potential. In the context of „farmer first? discussions, much reference has been made to the potential of participatory monitoring and evaluation? (PM&E) to foster collective learning." (Guijt 2008 p1)


  • Introduction
  • Institutional Transformation, Messy Partnerships, Monitoring, Learning
  • Questioning Rural Resource Management Discourses
  • Understanding the Espoused Theory Of Mainstream Monitoring
  • Participatory M&E as An Alternative?
  • The Future of Monitoring: Revising Design Principles


Guijt, I (2008) Rethinking Monitoring for Collective Learning in Rural Resource Management Wageningen, The Netherlands: Wangeningen University. Retrieved from