SAMEA knowledge compendium 2019

This resource, produced by the South African Monitoring and Evaluation Association (SAMEA) brings together a range of content about monitoring and evaluation practice.

The compendium covers a wide range of topics, from practical tips on using different M&E tools to insights on evaluative thinking and data-driven decision-making. It includes contributions from expert practitioners, as well as summaries of topical webinars and case studies, and features articles on emerging trends in M&E, such as social network analysis and data visualization.

The resource has content that will be helpful for established evaluators as well as for those starting out in a career in evaluation, such as:

  • Evaluative thinking: A cognitive process
  • Nurturing young emerging evaluators to sustain M&E for the future
  • How I became an evaluator
  • Painting a picture with data viz

The publication is the first of its kind from SAMEA, which places great importance on building the M&E knowledge base and sharing information in different ways to make it accessible.


South African Monitoring and Evaluation Association (SAMEA). (2019). Knowledge compendium 2019.