A sector-wide approach to assessing effectiveness: the im-prove it! framework

This background paper from Bond for International Development has been produced as part of developing the Im-Prove it! Framework. This  framework has been designed to improve the rigor and consistency of how UK development NGOs assess their effectiveness.

"The Im-Prove it! Framework is a tool, grounded in the distinctive contributions that UK NGO?s make to international development, that will enable organizations to assess, manage and report their effectiveness more confidently and consistently. The Framework will support organizations, depending on their strategies for change and thematic focus, in identifying:

  • what to assess (general domains of change, key questions for enquiry, common indicators)
  • how to assess It (data collection tools and quantitative and qualitative assessment options)
  • what to communicate and how in order to prove and improve their effectiveness." (Bond 2011)


  • Aims and objectives of the Im-prove it! Framework;
  • Summary of the key points
  • Working definitions
  • Process for developing the Framework


Bond for International Development/ Bond Effectiveness Program (2011), A Sector-Wide Approach to Assessing Effectiveness: the Im-Prove It! Framework, Bond for International Development. Retrieved from http://dgroups.org/?rf6arlhz