Sketcho frenzy: The basics of visual note-taking

This is a short (3-minute) video by Claudine Delfin about the benefits of visual note-taking.

It's also a good example of a video that has been created from a visual note-taking process.

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Authors and their affiliation

Claudine Delfin

Key features

This is a brief overview of visual note-taking - illustrated by an animation of visual note-taking. It focuses primarily on the 'why' of this form of reporting, and the benefits of this for learning.

How have you used or intend on using this resource?

This video provides a quick overview rather than detailed guidance, but it makes some interesting points about the benefits of using visual note-taking in an educational context.

Why would you recommend it to other people?

For those who have never heard of visual note-taking (or never thought about using it themselves), this video would be a good entry point - not least because the form of the video really highlights the actual process of visual note-taking.


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