Template for evaluation plan


  • Background. 
  • Project/Program/Initiative Definition. 
  • Evaluation Governance. 
  • Purpose of the Evaluation. 
  • Scope for the Evaluation. 
  • Core Evaluation Questions. 
  • Evaluation Stakeholders. 
  • Evaluation Management Structure. 
  • Evaluation Governance Group Membership. 
  • Evaluation Governance Group Terms of Reference. 
  • Reporting Requirements. 
  • Evaluation Design. 
  • Evaluation Framework. 
  • Information and Collection. 
  •  Evaluation Resources and Timeframe. 
  • Budget and Staff Resources. 
  • Evaluation Staff Roles and Responsibilities. 
  • Time Schedule. 
  • Appendix 1 Evaluation Plan Checklist 


Department of Education and Training (n.d.) Template for evaluation plan, Queensland Government. Retrieved from http://deta.qld.gov.au/publications/strategic/evaluation/doc/evaluation-plan-template.doc