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The UK Data Archive is the UK's largest collection of digital research data in the social sciences and humanities.

The website contains information for users on creating, managing and finding data and resources on best-practice for archiving and storing data.


From the About us page:

"The research of social scientists affects us all at every stage of our lives. Their findings influence government policies on childcare, education, wages, health, and pensions. For much of this research, social scientists depend upon resources that are quite different from those needed by other scientists. Whereas an astronomer needs a large telescope, a social scientist very often needs access to large collections of high quality data.

Collecting data from surveys, questionnaires or interviews for one study is a painstaking process. Providing that accurate records have been kept, data that have been collected for one study can be analysed again for an entirely different piece of research. Recognising this need, in 1967 the Social Science Research Council supported the establishment of the Archive, and has provided the long-term commitment of funds, which has been vital for its success." (University of Essex, 2014)


UK Data Archive. (2014). UK Data Archive [Website]. University of Essex: Essex.

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