The use of qualitative interviews in evaluation

This webpage outlines the circumstances in which qualitative interview techniques are best applied for the purpose of evaluation.

It describes how qualitative interviews can be used at different levels of an evaluation according to the Five-Tiered Approach to Program Evaluation outlined in the State Strengthening Evaluation Guide (Callor, Betts, Carter & Marczak, 1997). They are:

  1. Program Definition
  2. Accountability
  3. Understanding and Refining
  4. Progress Toward Outcomes
  5. Program Impact


  • What Is Qualitative Interviewing?
  • Qualitative Interviewing Is Most Useful For:
  • Qualitative Interviewing Is Not As Useful For:
  • Using Qualitative Interviewing With The State Strengthening Evaluation Guide
  • Advantages Of Using Qualitative Interviewing
  • How To Use Qualitative Interviewing


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