Using evaluation findings

This six page bulletin guides the reader through ways of communicating and using evaluation findings.

"There are multiple ways to communicate about and use evaluation findings. Results of surveys, interviews, observations etc., can be incorporated into planning processes and as described in both previous and following sections, basic assessments of many organizational procedures can be undertaken to inform ongoing organizational practice. When a more complete evaluation is conducted however, for example of a specific program, the results of that evaluation are usually summarized into an evaluation report. The following provides some guidelines for completing a formal evaluation report, which by the way should be started during the data collection phase of evaluation." (Baker & Bruner)


  • Steps to help initiate evaluation report writing
  • Components of a strong evaluation report
  • Important things to remember about report writing
  • What should be avoided when reporting the results of your analyses
  • What should be done if the evaluation results are negative/inaccurate/inconclusive/positive
  • Uses and packaging for evaluation findings
  • How can organizations use evaluative thinking to improve communications and marketing


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