Using structured interviewing techniques

This paper from the United States General Accounting Office (GAO) explains structured interview techniques for GAO evaluators and how they should be incorporated when appropriate.

"It explains when these techniques should be used and what steps should be followed. Overall, it describes techniques for designing a structured interview, for pretesting, for training interviewers, and for conducting the interviews." (GAO 1991 p1) 


  1. The Role of Structured Interviews in GAO Evaluations
  2. What Is a Structured Interview and When Should It Be Used?
  3. Designing a Structured Interview
  4. More on Interview Design: Avoiding Problems
  5. Pretesting and Expert Review
  6. Training Interviewers
  7. Selecting and Contacting Interviewees
  8. Conducting Interviews
  9. Analyzing the Data
  10. The Role of Evaluators and Specialists on Each Task


General Accounting Office (GAO) (1991) Using Structured Interviewing Techniques. Program Evaluation and Methodology Division, GAO: Washington D.C. Retrieved from

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