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  • Objectives-Based Evaluation (OBE) for impact investing

    Bob Picciotto is a former Director General of the Independent Evaluation Group which oversees evaluation in the International Finance Corporation, an agency dedicated to the promotion of private sector development in developing countries.

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  • Adapting evaluation in the time of COVID-19 — Part 3: Frame

    Evaluation needs to respond to the changes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.  As well as direct implications for the logistics of collecting data and managing evaluation processes, the pandemic has led to rapid changes in what organisations are tr

  • Hackathon

    We’re excited to be involved in the 2020 IPDET Hackathon – a week-long event in which hundreds of people from around the world bring together their skills, knowledge and inspirations to find creative solutions to challengesof our times.

  • Adapting evaluation in the time of COVID-19 — Part 2: Define

    The Covid-19 pandemic has led to rapid changes in the activities and goals of many organisations, whether these relate to addressing direct health impacts, the consequential economic and social impacts or to the need to change the way things are done.

  • Adapting evaluation in the time of COVID-19 - Part 1: Manage

    Organisations around the world are quickly having to adapt their programme and project activities to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences. We’re starting a new blog series to help support these efforts.

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  • BetterEvaluation COVID-19 Statement

    The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly transforming our world: Individuals, communities and organisations are facing enormous challenges and uncertainty.

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  • 7 ways to strengthen your M&E capacity in 2020

    Strengthening evaluation capacity of individuals, organisations and systems continues to be a major focus for BetterEvaluation so in this blog we present 7 ways that might be useful when planning how to do evaluation better in 2020.
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  • Evaluation of Humanitarian Action: A new page

    ALNAP is delighted to launch the ‘Evaluation of Humanitarian Action’ theme page in partnership with BetterEvaluation.

    We hope that this page will serve as a useful directory for evaluators and commissioners alike who are looking for guidance and help w

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  • Un-boxing NGO evaluation

    This blog is the fourth in our series about un-boxing evaluation – the theme of aes19 in Sydney, Australia. The series is designed to generate a global discussion of the theme ‘un-boxing evaluation’ and what that means for our profession and practice.

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