BetterEvaluation becomes part of the Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI)

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BetterEvaluation Becomes Part of the Global Evaluation Initiative

We are happy to announce that BetterEvaluation is now a part of the Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI), a global coalition of organizations and experts working together to support the strengthening of monitoring, evaluation, and the use of evidence.

Being part of the GEI creates long-term stability and opportunities for growth for BetterEvaluation. Our platform will continue to co-create and share knowledge with the evaluation community, strengthening evaluation practice worldwide, and creating opportunities for new and diverse voices to enter the discussion. We are committed to making sure that evaluation knowledge is easily accessible and free of charge to all who can benefit from it. his accessibility is an important part of GEI’s mission to strengthen countries’ monitoring and evaluation ecosystems. GEI aims to facilitate knowledge transfer across geographic and cultural boundaries, especially focusing on South-South exchange, adapting global best practices to local contexts. This strongly aligns with BetterEvaluation’s mission of improving evaluation practice globally.

The world is faced with numerous crises and challenges related to the environment, climate change, equity, and the increasing complexity and uncertainty of today’s world. BetterEvaluation, in its new home at GEI, will continue to work with the global evaluation community to build the knowledge that will help the evaluation community meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

What does this transition mean for the BetterEvaluation platform?

Many good things. Most importantly, will continue to be free and open access. Long-term staff of BetterEvaluation, Alice Macfarlan, Emma Smith and Simon Davies, have also joined the GEI to continue to manage Founder and former CEO of BetterEvaluation, Patricia Rogers, also continues to work closely with the team and GEI to develop content and continually improve the site.

Being housed within the GEI brings new opportunities to enhance and expand the BetterEvaluation knowledge platform to reach more users. The recent site upgrade is the first step in an on-going plan to offer improved accessibility, a better user experience and support for engagement. In addition, being part of GEI will allow us to offer new areas of support for your work, including the upcoming Global Directory of Academic Programs in Evaluation and the Directory of GEI Professional Development Activities, both launching in February 2023.

We’ll be rolling out further enhancements to the site in the coming months, so stay tuned. The best is yet to come!

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What is the GEI?

GEI is a global network of organizations and experts supporting developing country governments with strengthening monitoring, evaluation, and the use of evidence in their countries. GEI focuses its support on efforts that are country-owned and aligned with local needs, goals, and perspectives.

Partnerships are critical to what GEI does, and they are central to how the GEI Network achieves its objectives. The GEI Network includes bilateral and multilateral organizations, evaluation capacity service providers, civil society organizations, academic institutions, associations, and monitoring and evaluation experts. The diversity of the GEI Network brings many views to the table and helps to deliver support that is informed by global successes but is tailored to specific country needs and contexts.

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