A new era for BetterEvaluation

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The Board of Better Evaluation Ltd has announced the resignation of inaugural CEO, Professor Patricia Rogers.

The Chair of the Board, Karen Barfoot, said Professor Rogers had guided BetterEvaluation from a series of conversations about the need to improve evaluation practice, to becoming a globally renowned knowledge platform (betterevaluation.org) with more than 1.29 million users a year.

“BetterEvaluation, and in particular the knowledge platform, would not be where it is today without Patricia,” Ms Barfoot said.

Professor Rogers said that nearly 10 years after the website went live, the time was right for a change. 

Professor Rogers will continue to be involved in the global monitoring and evaluation community and is confident about the future of BetterEvaluation.

“I look forward to seeing the evolution of BetterEvaluation. The past year has shown that BetterEvaluation’s vision of a world of better evaluation, better decisions and better results for people and the planet is more important now than ever. I would like to thank our partners and supporters for joining us to share and co-create knowledge, build a strong community of users and supporters, and help BetterEvaluation to become the go-to platform for information on evaluation methods, processes and approaches,” Professor Rogers said.

Ms Barfoot said BetterEvaluation planned to recognise Patricia Rogers’ contribution to the worldwide monitoring and evaluation community.

The Board has appointed Mark Madden to the role of interim CEO. Mark was an inaugural Board member of Better Evaluation Ltd and specialises in strategic planning and public policy development and implementation.  Prior to this appointment, Mark was the interim CEO of JobsBank Ltd from July to December 2020.

The Board’s focus continues to be ensuring a sustainable future for Better Evaluation.  Following Patricia’s resignation, the Board has decided it is an appropriate time to revisit Better Evaluation’s strategy.  The Board has asked Mr Madden to work through strategic options for the future of Better Evaluation in consultation with partners and funders.

Mark Madden can be contacted at ceo@betterevaluation.org