C4D: Document management processes and agreements

What is it?

A number of documents (such as Terms of Reference (ToR), Request for Proposal (RFP) and/or Scope of Work) need to be created as part of the management of research, evaluations and studies. Such documents provide guidance, and they are particularly important when commissioning external evaluators. The documents state the roles, resources, and responsibilities of the researchers or evaluators and the scope of the study or evaluation.

General information

The BetterEvaluation Rainbow framework includes good ;resources on creating these documents. There is also a GeneraTOR tool developed as part of the Steps for Planning and Managing an Evaluation to generate a TOR. In addition, the UNEG Quality Checklist is a useful guide for UN agencies from the United Nations Evaluation Group, which includes a checklist for developing a good quality evaluation ToR or inception report. These pages are recommended background reading before considering methods to apply to C4D.

Applying the C4D Principles


Recruiting consultants with expertise in both C4D and the specific program area can be challenging. Consider what kinds of expertise are required, what kinds are desirable, and what kinds are easily translatable from similar fields and approaches. Also consider whether capacity building and mentoring partnerships can be incorporated to fill gaps. See also Decide who will conduct the research/evaluation (or other study or monitoring).


Transparent and thorough record-keeping of management processes and agreements is supports accountability to all stakeholders in RM&E processes.


Pay attention to the description of the Scope of Work and make sure it matches the funding available. Experienced consultants can see (and will avoid) Terms of References that ask too much within too little time and without adequate resources. Use the Determine and secure resources task to make sure the resources available match the scope and consider cheaper methods.

Recommended options and adaptations for documenting management processes and agreements in C4D

General options

  • These methods include:


  • There are many examples of C4D-related Expressions of Interests, Request for Proposals and  Terms of References. Below are two:

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