• How to manage gender-responsive evaluation

    This handbook, produced by the Independent Evaluation Office for UN Women, is aimed at supporting those who are implementing gender-responsive
  • Addressing gender in impact evaluation

    “Gender affects everyone, all of the time.
  • Feminist evaluation and gender approaches: There’s a difference?

    The purpose of this article is to provide readers with a historical overview and description of feminist evaluation and gender approaches.
  • Gender and Evaluation International Online Community of Practice

    The Gender and Evaluation Community's objective is to bring knowledge building and knowledge sharing under one place, and to share the content and experiences from people involved in the network.
  • DHS Program’s Gender Corner

    The DHS Gender Corner provides quantitative information on such topics as domestic violence, women’s status and female genital cutting, and links to gender-related publications based in DHS data.
  • Feminist evaluation approach is not just about women

    I am at the European Evaluation Society conference in Helsinki and I attended the gender and evaluation session to learn more about approaches and practices.
  • Gender injustice and inequality: what helps in assessing impact?

    This week, EvalPartners will be launching EvalGender+, the global partnership for equity-focused and gender-responsive evaluations.
  • Shaping international evaluation: A 30-year journey

    This book from Universalia Management Group presents major trends that have influenced international evaluation and provides an overview of the evolution of evaluation within specific sectors, such as th