Evaluation and Gender Equality: Why we need more feminist evaluations

This webinar explored the perspectives of four women who shared their organizations' experiences in making evaluations more influential in promoting gender equality.

This journey took the attendees from the global to the national level, spanning from Canada to India.


About the evaluation and gender equality webinar panellists

Silvia Grandi from Global Affairs Canada shared her organization's experience in using feminist evaluation and highlighted the reasons why this is  important for evaluation to be a driver for change. She emphasized both the opportunities and challenges encountered on this path.

Karen Cadondon from UNFPA shared her organization's experience in using feminist evaluation to approach the "Leave No One Behind" principle within their work. She explained how they are operationalizing feminist principles in real evaluation practices and shared the  example of their own ongoing work.

Florencia Tateossian from UN Women shared efforts made by UN Women and its partners to design and implement tools to better understand how national evaluation systems and capacities incorporate a gender lens in Latin America and the Caribbean. She also discussed pathways to strengthen this through case examples fro the region.

Sohini Mookherjee from CLEAR South Asia shared the Clear Center's experience in conceptualizing what gender-transformative  national evaluation systems would look like. She outlined the center's actions to contribute to this change by providing training, advisory services, among others.


During the Q&A session, the panellists recommended several resources from their own organizations for interested participants to review; you can access these resources below.

Resources recommended by Karen Cadondon