Shaping international evaluation: A 30-year journey

This book from Universalia Management Group presents major trends that have influenced international evaluation and provides an overview of the evolution of evaluation within specific sectors, such as the environment and agriculture.


  • Chapter 1: Shaping International Evaluation
  • Chapter 2: Something Called Capacity: The Evolution of an Idea in International Development
  • Chapter 3: Results-Based Management
  • Chapter 4: Evaluating Partnerships in the Not-for-Profit Sector
  • Chapter 5: The Evolution of Institutional and Organizational Assessment
  • Chapter 6: Evaluating Agricultural Systems
  • Chapter 7: Changing Perceptions of the Environment and Environmental Evaluation
  • Chapter 8: Evaluating ICT: A New Dress for Old Questions
  • Chapter 9: Evaluating Gender Equality: Universalia Experiences and Perspectives
  • Chapter 10: How M&E is ‘Perceived’ and ‘Applied’ in the MENA Region


Anderson, G. (Ed.). (2010). Shaping International Evaluation: A 30-Year Journey. Montreal and Ottawa, Canada: UNIVERSALIA.