• What is a LogFrame?

    American University's resource What is a LogFrame, written by Kirsten Bording Collins, gives a concise overview of LogFrames. It covers LogFrame structures, tips for developing LogFrames, and strengths and weaknesses of LogFrames.
  • Logframer

    Logframer is a free project design and management application based on the logical framework approach (LFA / Logframe).
  • Theory maker

    This free and open-sourced web-based tool was made by Steve Powell as a quick and simple way of creating a theory of change.  The information provided was supplied by Steve Powell.
  • Guidance on using the revised logical framework

    This guide from the UK Department of International Development (DFID) aims to help project managers/evaluators make the best use of logical framework (logframe) in designing and managing projects.
  • Catholic relief services'; (CRS) Guidance for developing logical and results frameworks

    This document was primarily written to provide guidance for conceptualizing, writing, selecting and measuring project performance indicators.
  • Critical Study of the logical framework approach in the Basque Country

    This document describes how the logical framework is used by public entities in the Basque region of Spain and its evolution and relationship with with other approaches and tools.
  • Aid Delivery Methods - Project Cycle Management Guidelines

    These Guidelines from the European Commission have been prepared to support ongoing improvements in the quality of development assistance.
  • Logframe - A Critique

    This paper provides a critical analysis of logframes and argues that they may not be a useful tool as they can discourage innovation due to their linear approach.
  • The logical framework approach

    This publication is part of a series of guidelines developed by AusAid in relation to activities design.