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Logframer is a free project design and management application based on the logical framework approach (LFA / Logframe).

Logframer was designed with NGO projects for development and humanitarian assistance in mind, but can also be used for projects in other sectors. The logframer website provides step-by-step guidance for making the most of the software to support a logical framework approach (LFA), Project Cycle Management (PCM), and Results Based Management (RBM).

This resource and the following information was contributed to BetterEvaluation by Bart Stevens.

Authors and their affiliation

Bart Stevens, Facilidev (www.facilidev.eu)

Key features of Logframer

Logframer 1.3

Logframer is a free and open source project design and management application for projects based on the logical framework method. Logframer was designed with NGO projects for development and humanitarian assistance in mind, but can also be used for different types of projects in other sectors.

The basic idea behind Logframer is to provide aid actors such as NGOs, non-profit organisations, donor agencies and so on with a simple, versatile and free tool that makes designing projects an easier task (and more fun). Logframer allows users to better integrate all information needed for a well-designed project, and helps  to improve the quality of  project proposals. It makes sharing easier because all the essential information of the project is gathered in one  place (a single file). It is not cloud-based so  can be used where internet connections are not available or sufficient. Logframer 1.3 can be used to design any project that uses a logical framework and it has the necessary tools and options for Logical Framework Approach, Project Cycle Management and Results Based Management.

One of the key features of this software in terms of monitoring and evaluation, is that Logframer helps to develop  some basic monitoring and evaluation functions by offering a wide range of indicator types and supports  setting  targets, scoring values or value ranges, etc.

Once various monitoring and evaluation elements (such as indicators, verifications sources, information about when, where and how many times information has to be gathered, etc.), a Performance Measurement Framework can be generated in Excel that will help track that information. Apart from monitoring and evaluation of program results (outputs, outcomes, impact), Logframer also offers tools for risk monitoring and risk management.


In addition to offering the Logframer project management application and help files, the logframer.eu website offers detailed and step-by-step manuals on approaches that make use of the logical framework. These include:

  • LFA or the Logical Framework Approach
  • PCM or Project Cycle Management
  • RBM or Results Based Management.

Finally, you can also find a list of logical framework-related links on the website. All information on the site is available both in English and French

Logframer is targeted at grassroots organisations in developing countries, but it is also useful for NGOs elsewhere, as well as other types of non-profit organisations and even businesses.

How have you used or intend on using this resource?

I've used Logframer personally in my work as a programme manager to develop medium and large development programmes in different countries worldwide. These include public health projects, agricultural development programmes and capacity strengthening programmes. I've used it to design quick-and-dirty concept programmes, where you only use the main features of the programme. But when you really delve into it and use it to complete all possible information about your project, I find it really helps you to reflect on what you will be doing as an organisation.

Why would you recommend it to other people?

In terms of monitoring and evaluation, Logframer helps you to develop a solid PME system that assists you with better programme management and that facilitates evaluation because of better quality indicators, clear responsibilities about who's going to monitor/evaluate what at which moment and so on. And for external evaluators, a good monitoring system and a well-documented programme provides an excellent starting point for a solid evaluation.

Logframer has been downloaded for over 15,000 times and the feed-back from other users is overwhelmingly positive. One main criticism: it is only available for Windows and not for Macintosh or Linux. Logframer is in continuous development and feed-back from users is used to improve the software and include additional features

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Stevens, B. (2013) Logframer. Facilidev. http://www.logframer.eu/

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