The logical framework approach

This publication is part of a series of guidelines developed by AusAid in relation to activities design.

It provides an overview of the situation (the problem) and stakeholders involved and describes the logframe matrix with its activities. The document also gives details of the implementation of the logical framework approach.


  • Introduction
  • Analysing the situation
  • The logframe matrix
  • The LFA and different forms of aid
  • Implementation, resource and cost schedules
  • A Steps in conducting problem tree analysis
  • B Stakeholder analysis tools
  • C Reference numbers, flow charts & contractible outputs
  • D Logical Framework Approach Terminology
  • E Indicators and the link to M&E


AusAid. (2005). 3.3 The Logical Framework Approach. AusGuideline. Activity design: Commonwealth of Australia. Retrieved from

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