8: Analyzing data

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This presentation, titled Analyzing Data talks about how to deal with “problems” of non-compliance, choosing what effects to report in your study, as well as achieving external validity and cost-effectiveness.

This is the eighth in a series of lectures produced by the Poverty Action Lab and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The resource provides the user with a video of the lecture presented by Shawn Cole and includes the lecture slides.


I. Intention To Treat (ITT) and effect of Treatment On the Treated (TOT)

II. Choice of Outcomes and Covariates

III. External Validity

IV. Cost Effectiveness


Cole,S (2009) 8. Analyzing Data. Abdul Latif Jameel, Poverty Action Lab Executive Training: Evaluating Social Programs Lecture Notes,Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Retrieved from https://live-qa.ocw.mit.edu/courses/res-14-001-abdul-latif-jameel-poverty-action-lab-executive-training-evaluating-social-programs-2009-spring-2009/resources/8-analyzing-data/

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) https://ocw.mit.edu/

Poverty Action Lab (PAL) http://www.povertyactionlab.org/

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