80 tools for participatory development

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This resource provides stakeholders and development workers with a toolbox of resources which aim to improve community participation in development projects.

"It is intended for those who have realized, through their own experiences, that participation is an essential prerequisite for sustainable development. While this “toolbox” should serve as a source of inspiration for their work, it should never be viewed as a book of “recipes”." (Geilfus, 2008)


  • Generally applicable dialogue, observation, and group-dynamic techniques
  • Participatory appraisal: general community issues – social issues
  • Participatory appraisal: natural resource management
  • Participatory appraisal: production systems
  • Participatory appraisal: animal production
  • Participatory appraisal: gender issues
  • Participatory appraisal: communication and extension
  • Analysis of problems and solutions
  • Planning
  • Participatory follow-up and evaluation


Geilfus, F. Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), (2008). 80 tools for participatory development. Retrieved from website: http://www.iica.int/Esp/regiones/central/cr/Publicaciones%20Oficina%20Co...

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