Advocacy Matters: Helping children change their world

This guide, written by Louisa Gosling and David Cohen for the International Save the Children Alliance, is designed to support organisations to run training workshops that will enable them to carry out advocacy work.  The guide consists of two different resources, a facilitator's manual and a participants manual. It provides a range of practical and theory based exercises that allow the user to identify their specific needs and apply them to develop an advocacy strategy that suits their particular context.


"The guide consists of two complementary manuals: the Facilitator’s Manual and the Participant’s Manual that are designed to be used together.

  • The Facilitator’s Manual is aimed at anyone who is designing or facilitating an advocacy workshop, including people who do not necessarily have much experience either as trainers or as advocates. Part One contains information on how to design, plan and  run a workshop, with some tips on methodologies. Part Two contains individual session plans with detailed instructions on how to conduct each session.
  • The Participant’s Manual contains background material on each topic, case stories, and references to further resources. It is intended to be a resource guide for both facilitators and participants. The Participant’s Manual can also be used on its own as a general advocacy resource." (Gosling and Cohen, 2007)

Contents (Facilitator's Manual)

  • Welcome to advocacy
  • Child participation in advocacy 40
  • Being strategic in your advocacy
  • Understanding the policy environment
  • Advocacy targets
  • Making the case
  • Building added strength
  • Action planning
  • Monitoring and evaluating advocacy
  • Mobilising resources 132


Gosling, L. and Cohen, D. (2007). Advocacy Matters: Helping children change their world, International Save the Children Alliance. Retrieved from: