Assessing the Effectiveness of Assistance in Capacity Development

This paper from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) provides an outline of the process of using feedback to assess the effectiveness of capacity development.  The resource includes a detailed questionnaire which can be used for this purpose.

"Feedback is a circular causal process whereby some portion of a system’s output is returned to the input to control the dynamic behavior of the system. In organizations, feedback is the process of sharing observations, concerns, and suggestions to improve performance. In work that seeks to address the increasingly complex challenges of development, often with limited resources, feedback is essential to maximize development impact." (Serrat, 2009)


  • Rationale
  • Assessing the effectiveness of assistance in capacity development
  • Template
  • A questionnaire for executing agencies
  • Further reading


Serrat, O. Asian Development Bank, (2009). Assessing the effectiveness of assistance in capacity development (February 2009 | 29). Retrieved from website: