Big Data & Society (BD&S)

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This journal, published by Sage, aims to provide a platform for discussing the ideas and debates emerging around the use of big data.


"BD&S moves beyond usual notions of Big Data and treats it as an emerging field of practices that is not defined by but generative of (sometimes) novel data qualities such as high volume and granularity and complex analytics such as data linking and mining. It thus attends to digital content generated through online and offline practices in social, commercial, scientific, and government domains. This includes, for instance, contentgenerated on the internet through social media and search engines but also that which is generated in closed networks (commercial or government transactions) and open networks such as digital archives, open government and crowdsourced data.  Critically, rather than settling on a definition the Journal makes this an object of interdisciplinary inquiries and debates explored through studies of a variety of topics and themes." (BD&S, 2014)


  • Peer reviewed research articles.  Double blind, triple peer reviewed articles, some of these will also be accompanied by invited short podcasts/vodcasts.
  • Colloquia. Also sometimes referred to as symposia, external guest editors will be invited to convene debates/discussions.
  • Bookcasts. Rather than a book reviews section, authors and one interviewer will be invited to do a brief overview and review of relevant books in video format.
  • Commentaries.  This section will provide a space for short submissions on topical issues, controversies, questions, etc.
  • State-of-the-art Demonstrations.  The Journal will provide a space for multi-media demonstrations of new methods, visualizations, experiments and approaches to the analysis of Big Data.
  • Early Career Researcher Forum. Short articles will be invited from postgraduate students and early career researchers about their work and projects on Big Data.
  • Editorials.  An annual overview of published content along with article and journal metrics and reviewer acknowledgments written by the Editorial Team.


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