Children in Focus: A Manual for Participatory Research with Children

This guide, edited by Jo Boyden and Judith Ennew for Save the Children Sweden, provides detailed guidance on conducting participatory field research on the situation of children in societies.  The overall aim is to provide data that can be used to develop child focused programs and advocacy.


  • Children in Focus 9
  • Participation 33
  • What is childhood? 59
  • Children in development programs 67
  • What is wrong with conventional research?
  • The background to all methods 83
  • Classroom-based learning about participatory, child-focused research methods 97
  • Filed based learning 155
  • What to do with the data 167
  • Future activities in applied research with children 183


Boyden, Jo and Judith Ennew (Eds.). Save the Children Sweden (1997). Children in Focus — A Manual for Participatory Research with Children. Stockholm: Radda Barnen. retrieved from: