Criteria for selection of high-performing indicators

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This checklist, created by Goldie MacDonald for The Evaluation Center, provides a set of criteria that can be used for identifying and selecting indicators for evaluation in collaboration with stakeholders.

The checklist is designed to be used in the early stages of planning for an evaluation in order to stimulate discussion about the evaluation process.


"The selection of indicators can be a complex, time consuming task. In some cases, this process is not made explicit for stakeholders. Moreover, those expected to participate in this work come to the discussion with varying levels of knowledge relevant to monitoring and evaluation. Therefore, how do we assess the quality of indicators proposed for use? And, how do we encourage full participation of stakeholders in this dialogue? The purpose of the checklist is three-fold: (1) aid in establishing a process and shared vocabulary for dialogue with stakeholders regarding the selection of indicators; (2) reinforce the necessary connection of indicators to the evaluation questions to be addressed by the study; and (3) contribute to design of data collection activities more clearly linked to intended uses of findings." (MacDonald, 2011)


MacDonald, G., (2011). Criteria for Selection of High-Performing Indicators, The Evaluation Center. Retrieved from:

The Evaluation Center